Quality Department of
APL Production AS

The purpose of activity of the quality department is maintenance of excellent quality of production, its safety and efficiency. We strictly observe branch standards and the international requirements. Any activity, which results influence quality of production, is always carried out at strict observance of constantly actual principles of the international standards of manufacture.

Quality department of APL Production AS carries out the control over each production phase, since the moment of receipt of the order, the control of materials, the interoperational control over manufacture and the control of finished goods and the executed works.

Since 2003 at the enterprise the system of quality ISO 9001 operates and the quality department bears the responsibility for observance of rules ISO 9001. Results of the control are reflected in control cards, cards of manufacture, control magazines, in reports of analyses and reports on each made series of production.

The big attention in activity of the quality department is given obligatory for all employees of the company of qualification, to questions of maintenance of quality, the safety precautions that is necessary for performance of daily work. Work on orientation of employees on correct and duly performance of problems through maintenance with the necessary information is constantly spent.

The quality department strictly follows main principle of policy of the enterprise in the field of quality:

«Satisfy requirements of our buyers we can only excellent quality of production».

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